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Skin Chafing & Foot Blisters - Protect yourself with Striderm anti-chafe & anti-blister products 

Have you ever suffered from skin chafing and/or foot blisters?

Our guess is that there is a very good chance that, at some time, you may have had an uncomfortable chafe or blister experience. Do you want to repeat that experience? Probably not!

Striderm offers quality, performance-based products that help to protect your skin from chafing (e.g., thigh, nipple, underarm, butt chafing), and your feet from blisters during physical activity. They will to meet your needs whether you are undertaking your every-day, or serious competitive activities.

Introducing Striderm Anti Chafe and Anti Blister Products

Here are the quick links to our Australian Made chafe and blister products:


Anti Chafe Extreme (Applies silicone technology for protection from skin chafing and foot blisters during endurance activities)

Chafe No More (Combines silicones and vegetable-based emollient for everyday protection from skin chafing)

WetsuitEZE Balm (Silicones blended with vegetable oils and waxes to protect the skin of wetsuit wearers from chafing)


Ultra Pace Foot Balm (Vegetable oils & waxes with silicones and rosalina oil for foot blister protection)

Ultra Pace Anti Friction Foot Powder (Talc with friction-reducing compounds & zinc-based deodorant for protection from foot blisters)


Sports Massage Lotion (Mild warming massage lotion for pre and post activity use)

Using Striderm Chafe and Blister Protection Products

Striderm products are ideal for everyone - from competitive to recreational athletes, for exercise enthusiasts, and for everyday workplace and social activities, and, in particular, for those looking for an Australian Made product. Examples of users:

  • Athletes, triathletes, road runners, trail runners, ultra runners, cyclists and riders, bush-walkers and hikers, paddlers and kayakers, cricketers, footballers, personal trainers, avid exercisers, persons in the active workplace, gym enthusiasts, dancers.

What others say about Striderm Chafing and Blister products:

"I use Striderm Anti Chafe Extreme for all my training runs, be they for 30 minutes or for 4 hours, and it helps to eliminate all chafing and friction hot spots......... 

I even use it on the ends of my toes to reduce calluses build up and blisters!"

Bruce Cook, Australian 100k Rep, Qld.

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